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DinoDogz are hatching soon!


The DinoDogz were created by the wacky mad scientist, Dr. D. Stroy who is plotting to take over the world with an entire army of DinoDogz IF his experiments go as planned.

The Dr. discovered a ‘rare’ strain of Dino-DNA in the Amazon jungle and has been testing it for years on smaller creatures such as rabbits, squirrels and skunks. The dogz are his greatest accomplishment to date.

Now that all five dogz are in tact; TriSCHNAUZertops, StegoSPANIELsaurus, BrontoBULLDOG-asaurus, POODLEsaurusRexina & TERRIERdacdtyl; the Dr. plans on using THEIR DNA to infect millions of dogz across the globe through tainted dog food and once the Dr. learns that SPANIE is pregnant and lays five Dinoeggs, his extended mission is to collect those eggs and use them to further his mad plan of world domination through an army of DinoDogz while he adds PegaDactyls (half horse/half pterodactyl) to the mix as well to help retrieve the dogz.

Each of the dogz were kidnapped by the Dr. from a pound, a shelter or a doggie day care and most have owners that are looking for them as well.

The five dogz escape the mad scientist’s laboratory with the help of 3 children, Bobby, Mia and Nathan who have won a ‘fake’ science contest and are visiting the Dr’s Island.

Once the DinoDogz (BULL, SPANIE, TERRY, SCHNAUZ & REXINA) and the children are safely away from the Dr’s lab and his inept henchmen, er, henchgorillas, Hal & Sal; they discover the Dr’s plan of world domination and they realize that they are the only ones that can stop him since all of the world sees the Dr. as an outstanding member of the Community at large.


The Dr. has stolen the Stegopup eggs and it’s up to the Dogz to save them! However, they have lost their DinoDogz strength and must collect Dino-DNZ objects to become the powerful DinoDogz they once were with YOUR help! Each ZONE begins with a Dog collecting Dino-DNA objects BEFORE their different opponents; Hal & Sal, GiGis (the really mean guinea pigs), Peggy the Horse, flying fish and the Dr himself! Once they become DinoDogz again, they must face their enemies again in a race against time to bring the Stegopup eggs to safety!